Campus of Hope is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, formed for the purpose of providing a place that brings churches, ministries, and other Christ-minded organizations together that have a heart for helping the homeless in and around the vicinity of Montgomery County, TX.




An IRS 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Tax Exempt Texas Charitable Corporation

Established 1996

Opened in Conroe 2011

IRS Tax ID #76-0435286

President & Founder-     Don Johnson
Vice President & Treasurer-   Irma Johnson
Vice President & Secretary- Deborah Arrizola- Dermatology Medical Assistant

Domingo Ibarra- Chief of Police-   Magnolia, Tx
Mario Ibarra-   VP Harsco Corporation
Jeff Arrizola- Manager of Division Operations- Floral Randall's Food Markets

Montgomery County Homeless Coalition (MCHC)

Local Independent Charities of Texas (LIC)
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM)
Association of Fundrasising Professionals (AFP)

Homeless and AT-Risk of Immanent Homelessness
The Harassed and helpless
Men, Women and Families

To Emergency Shelter (Referral)
To Transitional Living Facilities (Referral)
To Case Management (Referral)
Area Street Outreach Services (Assistance)

Phone & Text--281-639-5099
Fax-- 936-588-3756
(Email May Use to be Added to the Mail List)

Conroe Office TBA Currently outreach from Truck, Motels, Restaurants, Stores
New Conroe Facility TBA
Previous Conroe Facility 735 1/2 West Davis St. 
Conroe, Tx 77301-2704
Administration 50 April Point Drive North Montgomery, TX 77356-5816

P.O. Box 901 Conroe, TX 7305-0901


~A Message From Don Johnson-President~

    Homeless Men, Women, and Children have the same interests, disappointments, pains, hurts, and feelings that you and I do.

They have them without a place they call home, or without a car for travel, yet some live in their cars. Living outside without heat or air conditioning, dealing with bugs and having to find a bathroom.

The Homeless Cry, get depressed, get sick, have tooth aches, get hungry, get wet in the rain, their feet hurt, just like you and I do. It is Too often they have nowhere to go to get help.

The homeless share with one another generously.
clothing, a tent, food, water, hygiene items, and hope that things will be getter better.

Yes, some indeed share cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pain pills, but honestly most don't have addictions, as likewise most of us don't either. For you and I that may, there is always money somehow.

Way too many homeless have mental health issues. Bipolar, ADD, schizophrenia, severe sexual abuse trauma, parental rejection trauma, bullying, low self-worth.

And last, from 40 years of helping the homeless, I note that Faith and trusting in Jesus Christ does bring about a most genuine change for the better.

And Campus of Hope uses motels, restaurants, and pays cash when referrals are not an option. Our sole source of income is donation and a few small grants. Right now, 100% goes into homeless services, no overhead, no salaries.

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